Tuesday, 4 January 2011


If you're anything like me (English and with a fondness for warm things in your tummy), you'll be wanting to drink your weight in tea daily while revising for January exams. So, invest in a teapot and tea cosy (an ex-boyfriend got me mine a couple of years ago) or even a whole tea-set so you never have to wait for your next tea-fix and you won't waste precious time going back and forth to the kitchen (unless procrastination was the point all along...)

For the epitome in cute teatime equipment try Cath Kidston or the original, Whittard.

I love:

Tea Clipper Blue Spot Tea Set in Gift Box

This adorable tea-set would make a great late Christmas gift for a loved one, and is only £22.50 for the set from Whittard.

Glass Teapot

This classic glass teapot is super-stylish and allows you to see how soon you'll need a top-up and how strong your tea's been brewed. 
There are matching cups and saucers available, but the pot itself is £18.75 from Whittard.

I bought some amazing floral (jasmine) tea in China where you drop a ball of the tea into your pot and it opens up into a flower; I'd love to be able to serve it in here so it was visible in all its glory. 
It starts off looking like this:

Image from shoponline2011.com

And ends up like this:

Image from cookinganything.blogspot.com

 And p.s., it tastes yummy!

Miniature Post Box Teapot

And finally, a good old fashioned bit of British quirk - smaller than your average teapot, but much more fun. This post-box teapot is a great way to show your love for all things British and liven up your kitchen counter. It's also available in a Big Ben model - because who doesn't love having a London landmark in their cupboard?
Each design is £11.75 from Whittard.

Enjoy your cuppa!

Ciao for now,

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  1. I LOVE tea sets - my brother just brought the most amazing silver teapot back from Morrocco for me, I was so excited.

    Your blog is really lovely, I'm your newest follower! Swing by mine sometime and check it out :)

    x dani