Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Short Shorts Post

First things first, sorry sorry sorry for being so absent. I went to Blackpool to stay with my Nana for a few days and then dropped my BlackBerry in my cup of tea (dunked it like a biscuit) so couldn't upload pictures, which had been my plan for the next couple of posts. Now I'm back at uni and trying my very hardest to be organised. When I get that all sorted though I should be able to treat you to some nice pictures and stuff.

So just a quick post as I'm off to Nottingham tonight and London this weekend so busy busy.

I do this thing, which is pretty childish, where any new thing I buy will be my absolute favourite thing I own for the next couple of weeks. My current favourite are a pair of shorts I got from Topshop.

I love these shorts because they combine a few great trends - minty colours, nudes, the paper bag waist (seriously, the fashion press took a long time to catch onto that one and are taking even longer to shut up about it!) and a little birdie tells me prints like these are the next big thing, they're already infiltrating high street stores.

 But I'm not really about trends, so I love that these shorts are also flattering in general and pretty timeless - looking at them, they could almost be a more youthful version of something the Golden Girls would wear or that my mother would have worn in the 70s.

In short (no pun intended), I love them!

Multicoloured Flower Print Paperbag Waistband Shorts
Multicoloured Flower Print Paperbag Waistband Shorts
£36, Topshop
image from

They're a great Winter-Spring transition piece. Currently I'm styling them with (deep breath...) a loose-fitting navy t-shirt, black tights and black ballet pumps, grey cardigan and Chanel pearls. With a grey Modcloth blazer and scarf for warmth. And peachy make-up and nude nails. BUT I cannot wait until Summer when I can wear them with bare legs, creamy jerseys and tan accessories. And the obligatory sunglasses of course.

Of course, I would have had pictures of all this if I weren't so clumsy. So this post is dedicated to the loving memory of my dear, faithful BlackBerry. R.I.P.

Ciao for now,

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  1. Those shorts are amazing! Sorry about your phone.....but I look forward to seeing outfit posts with these in them!