Monday, 17 January 2011

Cocktail Party

Exams finished tomorrow! No more Renaissance Literature and Medieval Renaissance and American Drama and Italian to deal with for a wee while, at least.

Here's my final favourite thing, and one I hope to be having plenty of to celebrate the end of exams:


Me enjoying a Singapore Sling at Raffles.

I love cocktails, I really do. Especially anything fruity. 

If ever I'm in doubt though, I come back to an old favourite, the Cosmopolitan. (Yes, very Sex and the City.) It's the perfect amount of fruity and feisty, and just looks so sophis. It always goes well with my outfits too.

In fact, my flatmate and I have set ourselves a challenge for this semester - to visit & drink at each of the supposed best bars in Leeds, according to World's Best Bars, a site I reckon I will be using wherever I am in the world from now on. 

Both of us will then blog about the experience (here's the link to her blog, very appropriately named and really cool in general, I promise - she got me into blogging in the first place). Of course, the standard of the bar will only really be interesting if you live in Leeds so we will be including outfits too. Hopefully some nice ones. Hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

Remember to enjoy alcohol responsibly!

Ciao for now,


  1. cocktail parties are great fun! lovely blog!

    The Flower Girl


  2. I love that you've put an alcohol warning on it! We will be a tad irresponsible I can predict, good job we have Andy, Lion & Mick to come pick us up if we need it! SO excited for the challenge to commence with my new Topshop heels! xxxxx