Tuesday, 11 January 2011

All Work and No Play

... Makes the next few posts dull-dully-dull-dull, I'm afraid. I'm on exams for the next week or so, so can't afford to spend too much time blogging. I hate having to prioritise.

So the next few days, I'll just be sharing one of my current favourite things with you. Sorry to be so elusive.

Here's today's:


I, like apparently everyone else in our metropolitan, cosmopolitan, fast-moving world, am a Starbucks freak. I have even had Starbucks all over the world, from Paris, to Madrid, to Berlin, to everywhere in the UK I've ever been, to Tokyo (there was one a block away from my apartment there. Dangerous.), to the Great Wall of China. Honest.

Starbucks, Great Wall of China branch,
Image from standuptrainer.com

See? So yes, I have a receipt saying 'Starbucks: Great Wall of China Branch'. Amazing souvenir, and all I did was buy a frappy.

Image from www.starbucks.com

My favourite Starbucks? Either a caramel macchiato or any kind of latte with syrup (vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and gingerbread especially). But I have to confess to stealing the odd sip of my boyfriend's white mocha on occasion too.

Ciao for now,

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