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Fairy Tale Part 1:

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all" - Hans Christian Andersen


As a perpetual daydreamer since childhood, I have always loved fairy tales. From Hans Christian Andersen to the Brothers Grimm to Goethe and later, to Disney and Tim Burton's imaginings, I think they're one of the most interesting cultural legacies that we have, particularly in continental Europe.

I've spoken before about combining styles in fashion and literature, and how important I think this is. This becomes relevant again because the beauty of fairy tales is in their combination of beauty and whimsy with the gothic, the surreal and the sinister. And how could that not be relevant to fashion?

It doesn't take a great deal of research to trace the links between fashion and fairy tale. From the Chanel No. 5 advert starring Estella Warren to Galliano's (is it safe to mention him yet?) princess-inspired catwalk designs at Dior, fashion and fantasy are intrinsically linked.

And, after some considerable scaling down (after all, we can't all dress like Paloma Faith and Lady Gaga in daily life), these inspirations can be relevant to your wardrobe too. I've already done a post on the seriously enduring peter pan collar, which you can view here.

I felt I should document some of the countless editorials in all the great fashion magazines that prove that these classic tales are a ceaseless and seemingly infinite source of fashion inspiration.

Tim Walker, The Snow Queen, featuring Caroline Trentini, for British Vogue 2009
  foto_decadent: The Snow QueenPhotographer: Tim WalkerMo

A selection by my all-time personal favourite photographer, Annie Leibovitz:
Alice in Wonderland, featuring Natalia Vodianova, for Vogue, 2003
KIMBERLEY CHAN » Annie Leibovitz, Alice in Wonderland Editorial  Alice In Wonderland Fashion Editorial by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US | TrendLand -> Fashion Blog _ Trend Magazine
{ Rococo Vintage } fashion, fairy tales,   gin gimlets  { Rococo Vintage } fashion, fairy tales,   gin gimlets

The Wizard of Oz, featuring Keira Knightley, for US Vogue 2005
Emerald City - Annie Leibovitz Photo (6137519) - Fanpop  The Wizard of Oz by Annie Leibovitz | Who Designed It?

Beauty and the Beast, featuring Drew Barrymore, for US Vogue, 2005
Enchanted Serenity of Period Films: Drew Barrymore - Beauty and the Beast  quite contrary: its time

Though if anyone could rival my Leibovitz-love, it's this ingenious caballero:
Eugenio Recuenco for Vogue, 2006
.: Eugenio Recuenco :. Online portfolio  Eugenio Recuenco - Fairy Tales - Silent Storyteller
2009 August « de Roemer Blog  Im an Addict for Dramatics

Mert and Marcus, Into the Woods, featuring Natalia Vodianova as Red Riding Hood, Vogue 2009
A Visual Party.  A Visual Party.

Of course, when it comes to fairy tales, Disney have had something of a Monopoly since the 1950s, and - as a self-certified complete and utter Disney geek - I am not complaining one bit. In recent years, the Disney Couture line has become popular the world over, with celebrities and plebeians alike. Browse and buy from the collection on Zentosa and ASOS.

divinely tragic » tumblr  Princess Dreams

So take some time to add some fairy tale charm to your outfit, be it a bow in your hair, romantic lace and chiffon, or a beautiful piece of Disney Couture jewellery. Who says you're only young once?

Ciao for now,
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