Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fairy Tale Part 2:

That's Why It's Hotter Under the Water.

What little girl (or in some cases, boy) hasn't dreamt of being Ariel with her red locks floating around her while she swims up to that little hole that the light pours through, dreaming of the human man she loves?
Ok, maybe not.

But there's something so romantic and alluring about mermaids. Maybe it's the whole nothing-but-shells covering the breasts thing, but oh well.

So here's a few items that could build up a mermaid-inspired look:

 House Of Harlow - Fish scale platform pumps D&G 

Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2011 Image 1 of ASOS Suspender Cropped Corset Top

1. Topshop Premium Skeleton Maxi Skirt, $125, as seen on Olivia Palermo.
Image from
2. House of Harlow Fish Scale Platform Pumps, £225 @ Harvey Nichols
Image from
3. D&G Sequinned Cropped Jacket, £585 @ Net-a-porter
Image from
4. Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall Collection 2011
Image from
5. ASOS Suspender Cropped Corset Top, £30.
Image from 

And finally:

Disney Couture Little Mermaid Message in a Bottle Necklace
Little Mermaid
Message in a Bottle Necklace
by Disney Couture
£55 @
(Image from

And now for my favouritest scene from the Disney movie, with the rock, and the romance, and the splashing ocean, and the vocal, and ok, I'm sorry, I'll stop now:

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  1. adorable post idea. Perfect picks.

    Helen, X