Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Comfort Zone

A wise man (Lao Tzu, to be precise) once said: "A scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar", which is all well and good, but doesn't translate too well into the modern world in my opinion.

In many ways, I have always been in the "no pain no gain" school of style. Not that I'm willing to torture myself but I tend to make an effort. When I'm at uni though, engaging in scholarly pursuits of my very own, I'd be an absolute fool not to highly rate comfort. I don't even do a great deal of walking around campus but comfy shoes are a no-brainer.

For me, there are only two options for comfy flats:

Bloch Ballet Flats

Good enough for dancers, good enough for me. Every colour under the sun, and a world of comfort. Effortless class.

Here's my completely over-worn (but still standing and still very much adored) cappuccino-coloured pair:

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melissa Flats

Comfy, adorable rubbery goodness. Surprisingly versatile. And who doesn't want a pair of shoes that smell like bubblegum? Yes, really. (P.S. They're also available at ASOS)

These are my very own beloved pair of the 'smoky orb' style, but a fair few of the others (particularly the beige buckled) are on my wishlist:

Stay comfy, it doesn't make you any less of a scholar in my eyes.

Ciao for now,