Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Anti-Stress Party Dress

The build-up to Christmas is all about last-minute shopping... including for the PERFECT party dress to make all your relatives coo over how you've matured or make all your bitchy colleagues jealous at the office party or make that one guy notice how the sparkle on your dress matches the sparkle in your eye...
OR it's just about finding a nice, holiday-appropriate dress that you feel good in.

I'm lucky enough to have found my Christmas dress already on a recent shopping trip at Westfield, London and have it hanging up in my wardrobe. It's this gorgeous Karen Millen dress:

Beaded dressBeaded dress
Beaded Dress, £250, Karen Millen
(now reduced to £175 - sucks for me!)
(Images from

For me, this Karen Millen number is a great Christmas dress because it's flattering for my shape, revealing but not smutty, sparkly without being garish, and interesting enough (especially with the gorgeous back and shoulders) to avoid being just another LBD. The embellishment and peacock-inspiration keep it current but its also pretty timeless; hopefully I won't look back on pictures and cringe in 20 years time.

Karen Millen also do a mini skirt, another mini-dress and a ballroom-gown take on this dress hereIn fact, they're a great place to look for Christmas dresses, with a whole range available - none of which I'd say no to. Check them out here.

If your budget is a little lower (and let's face it, whose isn't around Christmas?), why not try ASOS or French Connection? (Or, of course, Modcloth)... It's just a shame that Lanvin for H&M sold out so, so quickly.

Sky Showbiz had some great, affordable suggestions this week in their "50 under £50" feature. Here's some of my personal favourites (for details, follow the above link to Sky Showbiz):

Lipsy Tiered Chiffon DressRare Sequin Mesh DressTu Sequin Degrade DressVero Moda Panter Mini DressTopshop Seventies Drape DressTFNC Lace DressMisguided Janis DressWarehouse One Sleeve DressLove Jessica Ruffle DressMiss Selfridge Pleated DressAsos Embellished Collar Shift DressMiso Gold Lace Dress
(Images from

If you still really can't find anything, play around with dresses and separates you already have in your wardrobe. One of my most successful party outfits recently was the slightly eclectic combination of a green silk, lace shirt (vintage French Connection), a pair of cream lace, high-waisted culottes (H&M), a long-length gold bird-cage necklace and my Marc by Marc Jacobs velvet pumps with patterned heels.

So get shopping or get inventive!

But remember, in the end, you'll be remembered for your company and not your outfit so don't stress!

Ciao for now,


  1. Your dress is soo cute! I also like the one-sholdered dress on the second row to the right. Great finds!

  2. By the way, where's the link to follow your blog?

  3. hmmm i thought it was in the top left corner on the blogger bar thing :s if not, i'll add a gadget or something. i'm so technologically backwards, sorryyy!

  4. also thank youuuu! my dress is one of those that every now and then, i put on just for the hell of it haha

  5. Oh yea, you were right. Following now (:

  6. Wow, great dresses from Sky Showbiz! The first one kind of reminds me of an old Gucci dress...but anyway, the more affordable ones have great designs!

  7. Thanks guys! I really enjoyed wearing my dress out and I've definitely added a few of the sky showbiz dresses to my wishlist.