Friday, 24 December 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

... And I'm back in my house. Yes, I'm back home in London finally, after staying in Leeds for work. Preparations have been in full swing today. There's been last-minute present-buying, a few more decorations thrown up, and the pile of presents under the tree is slowly growing. (Although my parents still do the overnight-Santa thing. Cute, I know.)

I had a whole post lined up about cute, unorthodox Christmas decorations I'd seen at Modcloth (here), Starbucks (here) - seriously, and at Christmas Unwrapped. But I'm super-disorganised lately and now it's way too late so instead I'll share a bit of my Christmas Eve with you. 

Note: We go all-out traditional in my house so it's chestnuts roasting on an open fire, etc. And yes, it's looking like it'll be a white Christmas this year. There's a reason I get referred to as Tiny Tim a lot around this time of year, and it's not just because I'm short. Christmas-cynics amongst you, prepare to feel queasy...

Going home for Christmas...

Leaving Leeds (so many books!)

Leaving Leeds.
Christmas tree in the office district.

Leaving Leeds, sky so pretty and wintery.

Wrapping the presents.

I am the worst present-wrapper in the world; this took me forever.
And yes I know the paper's not very festive but it was all I had!

Some more of my wrapping 'skills'; there are
many more little piles like this one - I go a bit overboard
buying gifts.
The Food...

Love them or hate them, the brussel sprouts are
prepped for tomorrow!

Chestnuts. My absolute favourite.

Clementines... A Christmas staple.

Nuts. Also, for some reason, a Christmas staple.

Ok, it doesn't look like much but once heated
it will be Mull and it will be yummy

RECIPE: 1 ltr apple juice, 1 cinnamon stick, 2cm strip of fresh ginger, 3tsp demerara sugar, apple slices studded with cloves - and, for a less virgin mull (a slutty mull?), some whisky or brandy. Heat over the stove and voila!

Preparing Christmas Eve Dinner (yes, that's
a thing)... Stubborn Pumpkin.

Table set for Christmas Eve Dinner. Tomorrow's table setting
will be much more festive, honest.

Pretty pathetic attempt at a "centrepiece".
The tealights are John Lewis' Vanilla and Amber.
They smell delicious.

The decorations...

Decorated stairwell.

Decorated Stairwell.

Stairs to the third floor, also decorated.

The beginnings of the 'open fire'.
I'm sure it will be sooo delightful.
Look the part...

Festive headgear. Because I look so joyous.
(Yes, they're Manchester United reindeer antlers
... I'm so trashy it's not even cool.)

My rather festive slippers.

And finally, of course, the tree...

Merry Christmas!

Hope you're as excited for tomorrow as I am! Have a wonderful day, whatever you celebrate and however you celebrate it.
Merry Christmas Eve!!

Ciao for now,


  1. We don't have a tree this year. Ill look at yours a be happy :)

  2. oh noo! please, feel free to share my tree. hope you had a great holiday season!