Saturday, 4 December 2010

Give it Some Welly

I don't own a pair of wellies. Growing up in a village in Lancashire they were a regular necessity but now I've grown up and grown out of my childhood pair, and live in London, where wearing wellies is, well... why would you?

But now I'm in Leeds, and much as I'm not planning to go hiking through the Yorkshire Dales any time soon (although if that's your thing, you totally should, it's beautiful), it's snowy here. Every Winter, without fail. So I feel I should invest in some wellies. It is for this reason that my final post on warm winter dressing focuses on the feet.

Actually, I did buy a pair of Tory Burch wellingtons from Harvey Nics, but got buyer's remorse from spending two weeks' allowance on a seasonal item. So I went back and exchanged them for a bottle of Chanel Allure and a silk BCBG Max Azria dress instead. Twisted logic, maybe, but I figured I'd get more wear out of that (and I probably have... maybe).

TORY BURCH - Logo Wellington
My poor, discarded Tory Burch wellies.
(Image from, where they're available for £130)

So now the time has come to admit that I was wrong and venture out in my ballet shoes to buy some great all-round wellies for snow in Winter and festivals in Summer, and any muddy times that should happen to fall between the two.

Of course, no list of wellies would be complete without the original, the best - a pair of Hunters.

HUNTER - Carnaby Boa Snakeprint Tall Welly
Hunter Carnaby Boa Snakeprint Tall Welly, £140, Harrods.
(Image from

If you have a bit more of a budget to play with, I LOVE these gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs offerings::

Marc by Marc Jacobs Strap Wellington Boot, £245, Harrods.
(Image from

But I have to pay my rent. So enough dreaming, Charlotte. How about something affordable?

Ok, so for £38, I could get either one of these gorgeous, quirky pairs from Cath Kidston.

Bath Flowers Wellington BootsSpot Wellington boots
Cath Kidston Wellington Boots (Bath Flowers / Spot)
(Images from

Now, my legs are quite long in proportion to my body, but as 'small fry' (as my boyf calls me), you can never take a few extra leg inches for granted. Now, my issue with most boots is that they shorten my legs, but these ingenious inventions seem to have solved that problem, whilst remaining practical and grippy, not slippy:

Image 1 of Wedge Welly Legend Wellies
Wedge Welly Legend Wellies, £40, ASOS
(Image from

So it seems I have a decision to make. Save up or buy now? But at least I know, no matter what I choose, at least I will FINALLY be wearing something more weather-appropriate on my poor, poor feet and will avoid falling into the arms of random men as I have been doing with alarming regularity. It will make this walk from work a little more relaxing, that's for sure.

Ciao for now,


  1. I love the ones you returned! I also really like the ones from ASOS! Too cute!
    and I love the word wellies!! I live in Chicago and we call them rain boots! Not as cool as wellies...maybe I'll start calling mine that! ;)

  2. ahh thank you! it never even occurred to me that 'welly' wasn't universal. apparently most of my readers are from the US, so let me know if anything gets lost in translation haha!

    but definitely spread the word 'welly' if you can, it's way more fun than 'wellington boots' or 'rain boots'