Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Second Star to the Right

...and straight on 'til morning. If you don't recognise the above quote, shame on you! It is, of course, from Disney's version of Peter Pan. And, apart from being one of the greatest children's stories of all times, Peter Pan is important to me for another reason. 

The Peter Pan Collar.
Image from mediamanager.osu.edu

These are huge at the moment, and they've kind of sneaked up on us a little, with none of the fuss some other trends seem to demand (here's looking at you underwear-as-outerwear). So here's a compilation of some of the ones I've seen around. Enjoy!

From ASOS:

Image 1 of ASOS Blouse With Contrast Peter Pan CollarImage 4 of ASOS Embellished Collar Shift DressImage 1 of ASOS Peterpan Collar Top
Images from asos.com

From Urban Outfitters:

Images from urbanoutfitters.co.uk

From Topshop:

Black Embellished Gem Peter Pan Collar Tunic  Animal Print Ponte Peter Pan Collar Shift Dress  Long Sleeved Peter Pan Tunic
Images from topshop.com

From Modcloth:

Evening Adventures Top   Evening at the Manor Top   Painted Ladies Dress
Images from modcloth.com

And finally, for those of you with a bigger budget, some designer options:

Marc Jacobs 
Marc Jacobs - Cropped tweed jacket
Blue Peter Pan Collar Shirt, YMC

From top to bottom: Marc Jacobs at Net-A-Porter, Milly at Net-A-Porter, Marc Jacobs at Harvey Nichols, and, for him, YMC at Liberty London.
Images from net-a-porter.com, harveynichols.co.uk, liberty.co.uk

And finally finally, here's me hopefully doing the peter pan collar justice for a work night out lately. (I work with all guys so dressing up wasn't exactly on the cards.) The top is from Urban Outfitters and the shorts are my absolute favourites, from H&M.

Just remember, you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

Ciao for now,


  1. I'd never realized it before, but it looks like your Urban carries different items than ours. The Urbans in the US are on a 90's and native american themed kick right now. What are the fashions like at yours?

    I do like the bibbed look. So adorable on most items :)


  2. I adoreeeeee the round collar! great post!


  3. thaaanks! me too! decided it had to have a whole post to itself.

  4. ohh and i had a look at both u.o. sites, i think they do carry different stuff but the overall style is the same. over here it's kinda got a vintagey-london-street-style-with-a-feminine-edge feel. mostly.

    haven't noticed much of a native american theme, maybe they think we won't get it in britain - we'd just be like 'pocahontas?' haha