Friday, 3 December 2010

Earmuff is Enough

In case you didn't believe me about the weather... here's some pictoral evidence of how bitter it is (but also fun and nostalgic and full of references to Narnia and A (Muppet) Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life). All of these pictures were taken within a 2 minute walk or less of my flat (mostly on my way to uni or the bus stop for work). 



My ears are cold. This is a situation where hats are close, but no cigar. And they totally give you hat-hair. Earmuffs are required. 

Hmm, But I want to listen to my musics too! Dilemma.

So the other day I had the ingenious idea of earmuffs with headphones built in; why isn't anyone making these?! But I figured they might be so I did a little googling. My search was pretty fruitless though; one forward-thinking company are making them but I have to admit they're not the most stylish things in the world. Either I'm looking in the wrong places (please someone tell me if fashionable phonic furries exist) or I'll just have to wait for some clever person to invent me some. Hint, hint. Market niche. No?

Boomers Headphones in Use
(Image from

For the meantime then, and because I can't see myself rocking these brightly-coloured babies - (oooh, but how about these?) - I'll stick with slipping my headphones under my earmuffs. But first, I need a new pair of earmuffs with which to do so!

I love these from Urban Outfitters, the faux fur looks soooo soft and I like how delicate the alice band part is - in fact, they may have been a sneaky late addition to my Christmas List.

Faux Fur Earmuffs, £14, Urban Outfitters

Faux Fur Heart Earmuffs
Faux Fur Heart Earmuffs, £14, Urban Outfitters
(Images from

And then of course, there's UGG Australia, who do Winter-wear better than us Northern-hemisphere-dwellers. Their earmuffs are available exclusively at Topshop:

UGG Chestnut Sheepskin Shearling Lined Earmuffs
UGG Australlia Chestnut Sheepskin Shearling Lined Earmuffs, £70, Topshop
(Image from

Another great option (that I wish I could be confident of pulling off) is the headband. Again, Topshop and UO have great options as far as these go:

Eribe Leopard HeadwarmerKnit Bow Head Warmer
Fur Head WarmerKnit Head Warmer
These offerings from Urban Outfitters all come in a range of colours and cost £12-£16, with the leopard print option being £35.
(Images from

Chocolate Fairisle Patterned HeadbandLeather Sheepskin Lined Headband
These headbands from Topshop are £12 and £25 (L-R) and look so cosy!
(Images from

So the moral is, when you're wrapping up warm this December, don't neglect your ears.

Ciao for now,



  1. I love the leopard one!!!

  2. cute post... love the accessories!

  3. I need a pair of earmuffs! I'm surprised I haven't picked up a pair yet because whenever I see them, I always think to myself, "Oh, those are cute!"

    I wonder if I could pull them off though...

  4. Thanks guys! I'll let you know if I get a pair and how that works out for me!