Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Cakewalk

Hello, hello. Hurried post today. Favourite things still. Translating Old English isn't one of them, surprisingly.

All of my favourite things so far seem to have been food-based, and this one is no exception. I have a super huge sweet tooth, so I love cakes and biscuits. (Fortunately for me it means I also love fruit so I haven't ended up whale-size.)

Some of the best cakes I ever, ever had were in Tokyo. They make sponge cake as light as air over there. Really tasty air. It's insane.

Cake display in a Tokyo department store's food hall.
(The green melon flavour one up top was my favourite)


I may be drooling a little
just looking at this.

If we could have afforded these, we would have
been all over them.

Ready for the eating.
Look how soft and fluffy and creamy!

This is a very embarrassing picture of me loving cake a
tad too much, in my lovely Tokyo apartment from b-site.

They also love macaroons in Japan. This is the window
display of the Pierre Herme store near Omotesando.

When I'm home and wanting a cake-fix though, I am all about the cupcakes. I bake quite a lot myself when I have time, but if I'm going to buy them I get them from buttercup cake shop, who have branches around London in Westfield, Kensington and I think now in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

Some of my own, lovingly-decorate cupcakes.
A very good way to waste a Sunday at home.

A selection from buttercup. Nomnomnom.
See here for prices. This box cost £28.

Flavours (from top L): peanut butter cup, fantasy, mango, rose,
passion fruit, chocolate, red velvet, bannoffee, carrot, vanilla,
banana, peanut butter. 

They were started by an American lady (because we all know Americans do cupcakes best, just look at Sprinkles) and are so fresh and so yummy with the best icing, a huge variety of flavours, and the softest sponge. I love them.

My favourite flavours are fantasy, red velvet, vanilla, banana, or anything fruity.

Excuse me now while I go and wipe the dribble off my chin.

Ciao for now,

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  1. i adore cupcakes!!! You've made me hungry!! great pics x