Saturday, 1 January 2011

High Resolution

Happy New Year!!!

I'm a massive fan of resolutions; I'm on a constant (and often unsuccessful) crusade for self-improvement as it is, so any excuse and I'm there.

This year, I resolve to:

1. Grow my hair
Possibly the laziest resolution ever, as it involves doing precisely nothing - but this will be a challenge for me, I promise. I get very restless.

2. Keep my room tidier
If you knew me, you'd know why.

3. Save money
...Hopefully for a Summer holiday, or some future travelling. The hardest thing about saving money for me, is, of course, curbing my shopping habits. I find that I can limit myself but not give up shopping entirely! Which means the sales are my best friend, as I love a good bargain.

For some genuinely fantastic tips on sale shopping, check out my flatmate's website, Cocktails to Couture.
I've already made a start on this resolution; I've paid off my overdraft & limited my sale-shopping - and all on the first day of the year, and with my student loan still to come!

So far, I've bought a couple of items from my Christmas wishlist:


1. Lomography Diana 'Dreamer' Camera, £50
2. Colour film x3, £15
3. BDG Preppy Cardigan, £15 (reduced from £32)
(a replacement for my knackered old grey cardigan; I have this cardigan in 'raspberry' already & wear it all the time so I consider this a very wise purchase!)

(All items and images from

I have a wishlist of items on ASOS that I'm going to hopefully gradually stock up on, but only when I'm absolutely sure I can afford a treat. At the moment, I'm enjoying just watching their prices slowly fall. Many of them have been featured on the blog already (here and here), but there they are:

ASOS Contrast Hem Ponte Shift Dress ASOS PERFECT Platform Court Shoes
ASOS Embellished Collar Shift Dress ASOS Double Wrap Super Skinny Waist Belt
ASOS Boudoir Leather Look Multiway Bra ASOS Perspex Handle Frame Bag ASOS PETITE Velvet One Shoulder Playsuit

1. ASOS Contrast Hem Ponte Shift Dress, £38
2. ASOS PERFECT Platform Court Shoes, £45
3. ASOS Embellished Collar Shift Dress, £18 (down from £46)
4. ASOS Double Wrap Super Skinny Waist Belt, £12
5. ASOS Boudoir Leather Look Multiway Bra, £8 (down from £16)
6. ASOS Perspex Handle Frame Bag, £22 (down from £40)
7. ASOS PETITE Velvet One Shoulder Playsuit, £38

(All items and images from

What are your resolutions, readers?

Ciao for now,

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