Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Greys Part 1:

"And we shall find a pleasure in the dimness of the stars"

Just because Spring has hit doesn't necessarily mean you need to head straight for yellows, blues and florals. I have to admit, I might have gotten a little carried away with my summer posts of late, so I'm taking a step back into Spring if that's ok with you.

I may be alone in this, but I love grey as a season-transcender. It's less harsh than black but not inappropriately sunny when the weather is struggling to make up its mind in the UK, with Spring characterised by blue skies, forceful winds and April showers.

Maybe we, too, like Samuel Taylor Coleridge, should find some pleasure in dimness, in the middling shade - especially at this tricky-to-style but crucial-to-fashion time of year. So this is a series of 4 posts about revelling in a seasonal inbetween-space in a veritable inbetween-shade.

Take, for example, this playsuit by Religion, £80 at ASOS. It's muted tones are the very reason it can move from season to season.

Image 1 of Religion Silk Printed Jumpsuit
Buy it here.

So while the weather is wet and dreary, I'd pair it with:

cardigan, £85, opaque tights, £25, and brogues, £35

 Image 1 of Unconditional Chiffon Back Cardigan + Wolford Cotton Mix Velvet Tights ASOS MARKY Patent Leather Traditional Brogues

And in the summertime, when the living is easy:

blazer, from £30, belt, £9, and heels, £130 (obsessed with these shoes)

ASOS Crop Raw Edge Blazer Pieces Tuja Rope Plait Belt Carvela Amigo Platform T Bar Sandals

All items available at ASOS.com, All images from ASOS.com

Oh, and p.s. ASOS are offering 20% off selected ASOS Collection items for a limited time only, so that could technically include the blazer and the brogues. Check it out here.

To be continued.... (Stay tuned for 'Greys' Parts 2-4!)


  1. I love grey, especially as you said: as a season trescender! actually, i love all neutral-soft colours, and i think grey is always ok to wear!
    It's nice to read that you've lived in so many different places, i mean, now you know a lot of different languages and cultures! It makes you more complete as a person I think :)
    Im now your newest follower!

  2. Oh thank you for your comments! That's so lovely and kind, really made my day :) I have to say I really love your blog too, I think the way you write is lovely.
    Charlotte xx