Tuesday, 8 March 2011


"Hello, Chanel"

It's a Sex and the City quote. You may either hate me or congratulate me for that but please do excuse the giddy moment. Let's move on...

So I wasn't planning to blog today as I have the last few days and I don't want to go into information-overload but I've just started to get the hang of this Bloglovin thing and wanted to beg you guys to follow me on it by clicking the little widget to the right.

 I also wanted to share an amazing opportunity with you.

The lovely Diana Kang, whose blog I have been following on Blogger for a while, and who happens to be the only blog I'm following (other than my own...embarrassing, see why I need your follows?) on Bloglovin so far, is giving away a vintage Chanel bag. And not just any vintage Chanel bag, but this one below. Which I think may be the most beautiful bag I've ever laid eyes on.

The prize in Diana Kang's amazing giveaway.
To enter, follow this link and follow her instructions.
Image from http://ddianakangg.blogspot.com

So if, like me, Chanel is your ultimate fashion crush, if you go cuckoo for Coco and crazy for Karl, why not take a few seconds to enter? I guarantee that you won't regret following her blog either. (Or mine! Or mine! ...apologies for the shameless self-promotion.)

I don't think I can come up with a clever 'goodbye' pun in the same vein as Chanel-lo. Maybe Ciao-nel? Maybe I should just stop.

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Ciao for now,

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