Friday, 4 February 2011

I thought it was a bird, but it was just a paper bag.

I may have (definitely) already mentioned my (and everyone else's) love for the paper-bag waist. So flattering. So timeless. So comfy and easy. So stylish.

If the phrase for a beautiful woman is 'that girl would look good in a bin bag', someone should introduce the aphorism 'every girl looks good in a paper-bag'

So here's a little post about the wonder of the paperbag waist, because it appears to be my current fave.

Recently I showed you my new favourite shorts:

Multicoloured Flower Print Paperbag Waistband Shorts
Multicoloured Flower Print Paperbag Waistband Shorts
£36, Topshop
Image from

I have to resist the temptation to wear them all the time.

Another pair of enduring favourites of mine are these lace paperbag waist shorts from H&M. (Which a Google Image search concludes are a favourite of many: see?)

So now for a few paper-bag waists on my hitlist (like a wishlist but with more intent):

As I've mentioned before, I am so in love with these Modcloth shorts. The mint colour is so on-trend and so me, and they just look so classy.

Timeshare Shorts
Modcloth Timeshare Shorts
Image from

As usual, Topshop is a great place to go for trend-pieces:

Tan Cupro Paperbag Waist Shorts

And River Island always have more sophisticated versions of trends:

Brown Smart Shorts
£24.99, River Island
Image from

But this trend isn't limited to shorts. Trousers are huge this season (literally and figuratively). Never have I seen non-denim trousers be so popular with women. But, surprise, you can also stock up on paperbag waist skirts. Again, Topshop have a few styles in both of these.

So why not treat yourself? Tie up that waist and strut your stuff!

Ciao for now,


  1. Buy the river island ones, they are gorgeous and would give a whole new look to a lot of stuff I know you have that would go with them! xxx

  2. Haha! I would if I had money. Well, the Modcloth ones would be top of my list if I had money (+ quite a bit spare for postage, packaging, tax, etc.) but unfortunately I'll just have to dream for a while.