Sunday, 13 February 2011

My Funny Valentine

Even though I'm in a nice, happy, committed relationship (please don't throw things at me), I'm somewhat ambivalent about Valentine's Day. My only specification is: Don't buy me a teddy bear holding a heart... So one ex-boyfriend got me a 2-year subscription to Vogue (amazing gift! Even if it did last longer than the relationship...) and another -due to the February weather - had a picnic on my bedroom floor with a blanket, a basket and all red and pink heart-shaped foods.

So, my point is that even though I'm a romantic (completely and utterly), and I love certain Valentine's hallmarks - like I have a huge thing for plain red heart-shaped balloons (pass the message on to my boyfriend!) - I don't really buy into Valentine's day. But I do like buying things.

So here's a little selection of items to show your appreciation for the L-word without being a total Hallmarkist.

I love... Jewellery

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I love... Slogan Tees

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I love... Home Decor

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So show love some love!

Ciao for now,


  1. Great ideas for Valentines. I too am anti-the norm when it comes to February 14th. I don't want fake attention so when it comes round to Valentines boyfriends are always under instruction to not bother with chocolate and flowers.

    Previous alternatives have been a lovely home cooked meal, baked cakes, a street art book and days out in Liverpool and the like. Makes it so much more special than thinking they've just nipped into the florist on the way to see you, don't you think?

    The love decor is my favourite! Great post.

    Laura xx

    ps... I promise not to throw things even though I'm single this year! :)

  2. really nice and useful post actually!
    I totally agree with you, im not a fan of teddy bears holding hearts, and obviously I dont like fake attentions when 14th feb is nearing...
    but im a total fan of romantic things, just like the pic-nic on your bedroom floor! thats real romance!

  3. Thanks guys! (y gracias!) good to know my not-entirely-anti-love sentiment is shared out there in the real world.