Friday, 26 November 2010

Remembering Movembering

So, November is coming to an end, which means we get to start eating chocolate every morning in the name of 'Advent' - hurrah! But it also means the end of Movember, wherein charitable and game-for-a-laugh guys worldwide leave their top lip, their philtrum, unshaven for a month to raise awareness for men's health issues, especially now for testicular cancer.

So say farewell to the funny facial fluff of your friends and bid Movember adieu for another year.
Spare a moment for the fact that all over the world, clumps of hair - from downy bumfluff to bushy, braided beards (or so I like to think) are fluttering to the ground to the droning symphony of the electric razor.

Seriously though, well done to everyone who raised money and awareness for a great cause. I for one have seen some particularly impressive specimens paraded about, especially at work (I'm a receptionist at a football centre - not as WAG as it sounds, I swear).

As a female, I am unfortunately unable to grow a moustache (Movember is the only time it's acceptable to call that unfortunate) - so instead, I showed my support by making-over my flat's Kermit the Frog poster in our kitchen:

Our Kermit poster, all Movember-ed up.
(dead proud of my efforts tbh)

The other day, I was approached by a girl in the student union who is shaving off her amazing dreadlocks for charity - a drastic but selfless act that I hope she's raised a lot of sponsorship for; appearances may well just be superficial but changing a part of our day-to-day identity for the benefit of others is a really cool thing to do.

My friend Emily recently completed a poverty challenge wherein she wore the same outfit (and no make-up or accessories) for a week to raise awareness for the fact that people living in poverty don't have that choice. See her progress on her blog (you may need to scroll down a little for the relevant posts).

So the moral today is to be charitable and be fun - much as looking good feels good, doing good feels better still. Show some compassion, donate your money and your attention to those willing to make these sacrifices for the sake of others.

I for one am going to be thinking about what I can do to make more of a difference around here.

Ciao for now,

(PS. Stay tuned for the continuation of my posts on warm Winter dressing! ...Yes, that's right - they're not over yet)

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