Saturday, 20 November 2010

Like, Coat-ally Adorable

Bonjour! Brief introductions: My name is Charlotte; I'm an English student as the University of Leeds and I love, love, love fashion, words and travelling. Hopefully I have some interesting things to say about these things, but I can't guarantee it. No money back if I'm boring, and I'll try to stay vaguely relevant.

So anyway, probably my least favourite thing about university is having to spend the Winter in the harshest of climates... Yorkshire. As my (admittedly biased towards Lancashire) mother says:
"Leeds has no hills surrounding it so is exposed to Siberian winds from the East which blow right through you and haven't the manners to step around you."
...My mother, full of wisdom.

Now, another thing my mother taught me is to wrap up warm. Frankly, I'm not great at dressing appropriately for the weather. I wear ballet shoes in rain, snow, hail (ouch); in fact, I don't own a pair of wellies or comfy boots. Oops.

And I just don't 'do' coats.

BUT this season is all about the coat. The emergence of the cape, the new take on the classic camel coat, the continuation of the endless military styling trend, the re-emergence of 80s and 90s powerdressing - the trends are all aligning to tell me - the coat sceptic - to just buy a freaking coat already.

So here are the ones that will be on my pre-Christmas list: (because who doesn't have one of those really?)
Pins and Needles Velvet Doll Coat @ Urban Outfitters, £155.00
Every single time I go in Urban Outfitters (which is often), I drool a little over this coat. Coloured coats can be a risk but with the right outfit, they just have that je ne sais quoi. This colour is easier to co-ordinate than most, being that gorgeous, dusky jewel tone. And who doesn't love a muted jewel tone once in a while?
Image courtesy of
ASOS Oversized Hooded Coat with Ribbed Sleeve, £90.00
I adore the silhouette of this, and a hood means you can go without an umbrella and look super-cute in the rain!
ASOS Hooded Military Cape, £75.00
I'd love to think I could pull this off but I'm just not sure I wouldn't look like a walking tent, albeit an extremely stylish one.
Images courtesy of
Zara Checked Cape, £59.99
...Because I would like to be a style superhero, please.
Zara Frock coat with shoulderpads and lapel, £119.00
In fact, Zara have a great range encompassing so many different looks. Check them out here.
Both images courtesy of
Of course, there are many, many more great coats out there at the moment. Topshop and River Island both have some adorable styles, especially in pea coats, and you're pretty much guaranteed good quality with them - prompting a "look at that pea coat, tell me he's broke" response. Cheers Kanye.

Also, why not try looking for a gorgeous vintage find? The biggest styles at the moment are the ones from yesteryear so why not get the genuine article? Big style kudos for that.

Enjoy browsing for coats, and instead of sitting inside with a blanket, a stack of DVDs and a hot cocoa, I'll be out enjoying the Christmas lights and the German market in a gorgeous new coat!

Ciao for now,


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