Thursday, 25 November 2010

It Must Have Been Glove

The view from my bedroom window, 27/11/10.

Nothing is worse than frostbitten fingers. And there's only so many Toffee Nut Lattes you can buy from Starbucks to heat them up before you're bouncing off walls. Which is why gloves are a super-important Winter accessory.

My favourites are soft, pale-grey, vintage leather handed down to me by my lovely Nana, the most glamorous woman I've ever known.

My Nana-gloves (pictures here with a leather Jane Shilton clutch, also from my Nana)

Leather gloves are great - they are slightly easier to text with (though not so much on my BlackBerry, and I'd imagine, touch screens) - and are absolutely timeless, making a huge comeback in recent years. There are numerous great styles at Topshop and Debenhams, but why not look for a bargain pair of genuine vintage ones in, say, Rokit or Beyond Retro?
I also like these from my old friend, ASOS (who, incidentally, are offering 20% off at the moment - just enter the code 'ASOS20' at checkout):

Image 1 of ASOS Leather Bow Glove
ASOS Leather Bow Glove, £16, ASOS
Bows are a great addition to any look in my opinion, and if you're a shade braver, why not get these in red instead?
(Image from

The only problem with leather gloves is that they aren't necessarily the warmest, providing less insulation than other styles. In terms of wooly gloves, I love these from Topshop.

Camel Bow Cuff Gloves
Camel Bow Cuff Gloves, £8 Topshop
(Image from

These are super-practical for texting yet provide full coverage too:

Green Convert Gloves
Green Convert Gloves, £12, Urban Outfitters
I love the combination of the green colour with the bronzed button, though they are available in a range of colours too. (I loved the berry ones most but they've sold out! Sad-face!)
(Image from

Which brings me to mittens. Probably the warmest have to be from UGG Australia.
Ugg Logo Mitten Gloves, Chestnut, L
UGG Logo Mitten Gloves in Chestnut, £85, John Lewis
(Image from

But I might even prefer the less pricey option from Urban Outfitters. When I was little I remember trying on my Mum's sheepskin coat (before realising just how literal the term 'sheepskin' was) and finding it to be the warmest thing in the world, so these definitely appeal.
Shearling Mittens
Shearling Mittens, £20, Urban Outfitters
(Image from

For the nostalgic, amongst you, Outfitters also have a range of mittens on strings. My personal favourites are these:
Knitted String Mittens, £16, Urban Outfitters
(Image from

Not strictly gloves, but you've gotta love the muff (weird sentence), making a huge comeback. This one from Topshop is just the ticket (though, again, Urban Outfitters have a similar style here). Wear with an on-trend cape, an ushanka and killer heels for high-octane glamour (the ultimate in classic Winter elegance), or dress down with your biggest, comfiest 'don't-care' cardigan and cable knit leggings for comfy, warm, student chic. Another bonus of the muff (strange sentence again) is that, if - like me - you can text without looking (both ashamed and proud of this), you can hold your phone safe and warm inside and text without having to expose your pinkies to the elements.
Faux Fur Hand Muffler

Faux Fur Hand Muffler, £20, Topshop
(Image from

And finally, these sweethearts make it onto the list for being the most fantastically ostentatious gloves I've ever seen - from the satin bow to the leather palms, they take glamour to new levels.
Don't Mind If I Do Gloves
'Don't Mind if I do' Gloves, $79.99 (£50), Modcloth
A bit pricey, granted - but I'm sure the quality is high.
(Image from

Keep those digits cosy!

Ciao for now,

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