Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rule Britannia

I think it's super-duper important to support homegrown talent. This is relevant to all the arts - music, theatre, film, literature, the list goes on. The future of the arts in Britain looks like it might be somewhat compromised at the moment, but I'm not here to get political. I'm here to say I love fashion from all over the world, but I'm especially proud of British style. Historically, Britain is associated with both prim and proper elegance and raucous, anarchic movements and the style here tends to reflect these traditional yet forward-thinking values, much as it does in places like Tokyo.

Young British Designers is, unsurprisingly, a wonderful website that showcases the best of emerging British designers and raises the awareness and availability of these brands. Such a great idea.

Visit the website here, and follow them on twitter here. They're great to follow if you're at all interested in fashion, and actually run by real people and not weird advertising-bots.

But for now, here are a few of my absolute favourite items from the site. (These were admittedly tough to choose - sorry there's so many.)

Cortina Indigo Jacket Bubble hemmed Georgette Jacket Blue 3D Silk Jacket

Studio Nicholson Cortina Indigo Jacket, £299
Olivia Rubin Bubble Hemmed Georgette Jacket, £154
Jena.Theo Blue 3D Silk Jacket, £720 £350

Silk Feather Embellished Dress Tara Dress Cream, Peach & Blue Shirly Dress

David Longshaw Silk Feathered Embellished Dress, £450
Minna Tara Dress, £300 £175
Jenna Gibson Cream, Peach & Blue Shirly Dress, £950

Peach Short Layered Dress with Cut Out Panels Peach Pleat Fronted Trousers Silk Feather Skirt with Paint

Kirsty Ward Peach Short Layered Dress with Cut Out Panels, £375
Kirsty Ward Peach Pleat Fronted Trousers, £399
Simeon Farrar Silk Feather Skirt with Paint, £257 £110

Harry Vest Georgie Lace T-Shirt Navy Lace Billy Mini Skirt

Irwin & Jordan Harry Vest, £110
Irwin & Jordan Georgie Lace T-shirt, £225
Irwin & Jordan Navy Lace Billy Mini Skirt, £230

Dark Denim Merulina Shorts Black Leather Wrap SkortMini A-Line Skirt in 100% Wool.

Ada Zanditon Dark Denim Merulina Shorts, £190
Sykes Black Leather Wrap Skort, £499 £249
LP.BG Mini A-Line Skirt in 100% Wool, £320 £130

Brick T-Shirt Baseball T-Shirt Bold Shouldered Tailored Jacket

Olivia Rubin Brick T-shirt, £81 £45
Viking Wong Baseball T-shirt, £69 £39
Viking Wong Bold Shouldered Tailored Jacket, £695 £295

Navy Mabel Shoes Chantilly Lace Pump Mint Orient

Sophie Gittins Navy Mabel Shoes, £536 £336
Lislie Yeung Chantilly Lace Pump, £385
Sophie Gittins Mint Orient, £350

They also stock the already-infamous She Died of Beauty t-shirts and totes, featuring slogans like 'she died of beauty/individuality/love/perfection/kisses'. They're incredible and edgy and whimsical and tongue-in-cheek and so very, very British.

...and only £40.

Snap one up here. Don't say I never treat you, readers.

These aren't all the most affordable items if you're on a budget, but when you're owning a piece of fashion history, paying a small amount more than you would for a high street piece is more than worth it.

I'm not sure I can do YBD the justice they deserve, so here's a link to their 'about' page. Please take a minute to have a look at the site and see which pieces you love for yourself. I guarantee there'll be quite a few.

Ciao for now,

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  1. Wonderful post wonderful site!

  2. Loove the Jacket on the right in the first column. I am such a fan of drapey silhouettes!

  3. ditto! i'm all about jackets at the moment. probably just making the most of them until i move to singapore, where it'll always be far too hot for jackets!


  4. These are some beautiful pieces! I'm really wishing I had some :)

  5. Hey love great blog i love it! you have now found yourself a follower in me :) hope you can find some time to check mine out.


  6. Thanks ladies! Loving the blogs now that I've caught up with some reading xx